Ever since I was a little girl I've loved stories - so much in fact, that I'd get in trouble for staying up too late telling them to my self or my sister. In college, despite my plans to study art I also majored in English just because I loved the stories lurking within. School introduced me to another great love, a sprinter named Andy. We shared a mutual, deep love of God, food, sometimes running and then, surprise! Each other. Three-soon-to-be-four crazy babies later & I still love him.

Rewind a little and just before the babies started adding flair to my life I'd began work as a commercial graphic designer,

over the next two years it seemed like something was missing creatively. My work didn't reflect a personal story, and a part of me seemed lost. I happened to come across an amazing blog that, with photos, shared an incredibly beautiful, intimate story and immediately I wanted to do something like that, to tell stories of significant milestones in peoples lives. By that point, life was by no means slowing, and the day-dream stayed firmly put - just a dream lurking around the corners of my general conscious, somewhere next to grocery lists, Andy and my long time wish to be a red head.


capturing moments that make your pulse race

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